Do not just rely on ‘word of mouth marketing’ for your law or accountancy firm.

Yes, this is still a thing…

I know it sounds strange to actually have to say that in 2024.

It may have got you some clients in the past (and maybe it still does).

However, it is not a business growth strategy to rely on leads like ‘so and so’s mate has a friend called Dave who need a solicitor soon’

That type of lead will eventually run dry; if it hasn’t already.

So what should you do?

– understand who your target customer might be

– break down why they might need your service/s

– identify what triggers those clients emotionally/functionally/practically to take action on getting in touch

– learn where those customers typically go online to find the provider/solution they need

– plan on how you will tackle your exposure on that platform

If word of mouth is your main strategy at the moment.

Time to make a change.